Dr. Lyndsey Benson

Research Engineer at CSIRO

I came to the University of Sheffield in 2009 to study chemistry as an undergraduate. As part of my degree I spent a year studying at the University of Queensland and completed a short research project developing my research skills.

After returning to Sheffield my masters research – Phosphate ester cleavage of an RNA model compound (HPNPPI) by cobalt based complexes was completed under the supervisor of Professor N. Williams. I am now part of the Advanced Metallic Systems CDT and enjoy outreach projects and public engagement.

Current Research

Current titanium usage is severely restricted due to the cost of the production of titanium metal components. By combining a low cost extraction technique (FFC process) with a low cost near net shape powder metallurgy technique (FAST) there is the potential to drastically reduce the cost of titanium. Further reductions in cost can be made by producing a titanium alloy directly from ore like material – such a synthetic rutile. By utilising synthetic rutile as a feedstock, there is less dependency on master alloy additions due to the presence of remnant elements within the feedstock, left over from its production via the Becher process. My project is closely linked with technology company Metalysis and looks at the production and characterisation of the novel titanium alloys produced directly from synthetic rutile via the electrodeoxication FFC process.

Key highlights from my research include defining the reduction mechanism of synthetic rutile and determining the mechanical properties of the subsequent synthetic rutile derived titanium alloy.