FAST-forge project hits the headlines

Sheffield Titanium Alloy Research Group has hit the headlines this week the FAST-forge project getting multiple mentions in the worldwide media. Work conducted by Dr. Nick Weston through his PhD funded by the Advanced Metallics Centre for Doctoral Training and Defence Science and Technology Laboratory of the Ministry of Defence has resulted in a new method of producing parts with the potential to reduce costs by at least half that of conventionally produced titanium parts. In many cases this may help displace high strength steels of aluminium alloys in industries that are traditional very cost-sensitive, such as the automotive sector.

Media interviews

  • BBC Radio Sheffield – Time 1.53.34-1.56.24
  • BBC World Service World Business Report – Time 22.40 onwards
  • BBC Radio Wiltshire – Time 1.22.09-1.26.34
  • BBC Radio 4 – Time 2.08.36-2.09.50
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