Based in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Sheffield, UK, Sheffield Titanium Alloy Research (STAR) is a group of academic staff and students studying the thermomechanical processing of titanium alloys and speciality steels.

We have strong industrial links to the aerospace industry, conducting many projects in conventional and high-value processing with companies such as Rolls-Royce, Boeing, TIMET and SAFRAN Landing Systems. Recent developments in the field of low-cost powder metallurgy has driven research projects into novel production techniques such as Continuous Rotary Extrusion (CRE) and Field Assisted Sintering Technology (FAST).

Conventional Processing

Conventional metallurgical processing is one of Sheffield's best known exports; with both a deep history of steel production and a thriving high value metal industry. This depth of experience in conventional processing such as forging, extrusion and machining is built upon by a large proportion of the STAR group's projects.

Research Fields

Machining Science


Low Cost Processing

Recent advances in the cost-effective extraction of pure titanium from its ores has initiated research of many complementary, novel solid-state thermomechanical processes. Each project seeks to develop an understanding of these novel processes to create usable artefacts from the new sources of titanium.

Research Fields

Continuous Rotary Extrusion


Alloy Development

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